Meet Chris - Our Technology Discover Graduate

What I’m most proud of though is Vodafone’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

by Chris

When I applied to Vodafone just over 2 years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to get too far in the application process – studying Geology, my background wasn’t exactly telecoms! What I do have though is a true love for technology. Through the Discover Graduate programme in the Technology stream I’ve had a unique opportunity to turn my passion into skills and experience, as well as the start of an exciting career path. I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of IT, from planning, design and through to operations. The three roles that I’ve done have all challenged me in different ways, and being able to try different roles means I can start each one fresh with the learnings from before.

What has surprised me the most about working here though is the opportunities you have to make an impact outside of your role. People are generally very open minded to being approached by a graduate if you’ve got a unique idea and a plan to make things happen. I’ve had the chance to make an impact on how new staff are on boarding into the company, I’ve been able to reverse mentor the senior leadership team on digital tools, help foster Vodafone’s innovation community and even launch a new media project internally – a technology podcast. This is of course as well as my day job!

What I’m most proud of though is Vodafone’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. I’ve been out as gay in my previous jobs, incidentally, but at Vodafone it’ been different. We’ve got a vibrant LGBT+ community that’s growing fast and it’s full of people who are so driven to making the workplace an even better place. This has afforded me unique opportunities to receive leadership training, and sit on the LGBT+ steerco.

By being part of a global company with a huge reach, you really feel like you’re making an impact on customers in the real world. What makes working here even better for me is that with a bit of extra work and passion you can really make a difference in the company as well as the customers.

Life at Vodafone

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