Meet John - Regional Delivery Manager

I’ve been working at Vodafone for almost 3 years, first coming to work for the business in February 2015. My current responsibilities include new build site rollout within the South Region and Technical Lead for the South Region Deployment. I manage a small team, 2 of whom are also EX Armed Forces, and have been doing this role since July 2017. 

After leaving the Royal Marines in 2007, I looked carefully at a multitude of industries and professions. Eventually, after careful consideration, I took the leap and moved into the Telecoms industry with no Telecoms experience. Using my resettlement package from the Military to pay for climbing courses, I took to Telecoms like a duck to water and quickly grasped the basics. My career focuses on site deployment and infrastructure roll out. I started at the bottom rung of the ladder as a 2nd man on a Rigging team, working my way up to team leader across 3 disciplines (PCN, Microwave & BTS) within a very quick space of time. Working globally, I moved to office based work in 2012, first as Wireless Supervisor for a large UK based infrastructure company, then moving to a new start-up company as a senior manager. In this role, I helped to develop a telecommunications infrastructure company which was growing from an original 10 employees to 75 within an 18-month period. I believe my unique onsite technical background and my Military experience have served me well, as I can understand and solve problems quicker with my team.

I believe coming from an Armed Forces background is a huge advantage when working within an organisation such as Vodafone, and I apply the Commando values I learned within the Royal Marines on a daily basis: Excellence. Strive to do better, I want Vodafone to be the best.Integrity. Being honest is a hugely important character trait in any business. Self-Discipline. Resist the easy option; working for Vodafone as a brand comes with great responsibility, we must ensure that the end user gets the best experience possible. Humility. Respect the rights, diversity and contribution of others, all of my team have a voice.

Telecoms, and specifically deployment, is fast moving with clear set targets that myself and my team need to hit - it is not a “normal and boring” office job, nor is it for the faint hearted. An important part of my job is being responsible for motivating and driving the team to meet targets and objectives, which is incredibly rewarding. My average day varies from meetings with vendors & suppliers, to 1-2-1 meetings with my team or internal customers, to briefings on new business technologies and strategy.

Working at Vodafone can be complex but, with the experience that everyone brings into the company and the facilities we have at our UK HQ in Newbury, there is a great working environment that gets the best out everyone. All rolled up it is not just another job, Vodafone is an inspiring place to work and if you have ambition, drive, initiative and passion then Vodafone is for you.  

Life at Vodafone

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