Meet James - Product Marketing Manager

My journey at Vodafone started in 2013 when I joined the company on the UK graduate scheme. I'd previously studied geography at Nottingham university and took a year out to travel & came back ready to kick off my career in telecoms! 

I chose Vodafone over a few other schemes because I thoroughly enjoyed previous experiences in other telecoms roles & the fast paced nature of the industry. Vodafone's approach was also extremely appealing, offering a wide range of opportunities across the business  to develop my skill set. 

My first placement In Vodafone was a customer experience role. The reason I applied for this role was because I wanted to put the knowledge I gained in our front line placement to good use. I primarily worked with the consumer business to improve experiences for customers and it's great to still see how key the team are to the business four years later!  

My aim from the start was to get a holistic view of the business and this was the key reason I then moved over to our enterprise business to undertake a go to market role. This role gave me a lot of exposure to different teams around EBU and an understanding of how the business works. As part of this, I had additional roles owning projects & directly updating the head of the department showing how much responsibility and accountability Vodafone gives you even as a graduate. 

After this placement, I moved over to our consumer business, undertaking product manager roles for pay monthly and pay as you go products. For me, this was the last piece of the puzzle as I had then covered three key areas of the business, customer operations, consumer and then enterprise. Roles such as product management make you feel extremely empowered as you're accountable for the customer experience, strategy and commercial performance of a product impacting a huge amount of customers & I honestly feel you wouldn't get this level of experience anywhere else a few years into your career. This show the level of trust management and the company put into you. 

Last year I made the choice to move into our customer services & innovation team- notably working as a proposition manager in the new consumer IOT proposition. I have always had a keen interest in IOT since joining Vodafone, particularly because it transforms the way people live their lives. The fact Vodafone is a market leader and has unique capability in IOT means that the opportunity is huge and this is illustrated through the exponential growth over the last few years. The opportunity to develop an IOT proposition strategy from scratch & execute this in the UK was extremely appealing. 

I thoroughly enjoy working in the team- no one day is the same and it's extremely fast paced! As a team, we have the ability to really differentiate Vodafone from the competition through propositions such as partnerships with Netflix, Spotify etc as well as innovative products such as IoT.  

It's great time to be a part of the telecoms industry and the innovation team with a lot of movement in the industry. If you're open to change, willing to learn, ambitious, and flexible  then Vodafone is a great fit for you. There's lots of talented individuals, a great culture, with a great work-life balance and trust in you which makes you feel empowered to succeed in your role!

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