Meet Jay - Customer Care Team Leader

Can you tell me a little bit about your background and how/why you joined Vodafone?

Certainly, my name is Jason Baggaley (Jay) and I actually came from quite a varied background I split my days and nights between working for the NHS and being the head of a security company. Although quite happy in my previous roles, for me…something was missing, I sought more, challenges, new experiences and an environment where I can grow. One evening I was searching online for new job opportunities and Vodafone popped up, the role was for a customer services advisor. I sent off my C.V and received a call a day later! This was the difference, every other company (including much smaller ones than Vodafone) send an email roughly a week later inviting me for an interview, whereas Vodafone rang me and gave me a wealth of information about the recruitment process and company itself, the recruitment advisor was so passionate that I accepted the interview without hesitation. 

What’s been a surprising thing about Vodafone that you perhaps didn’t expect when you joined?

I couldn’t possibly narrow this down to one particular thing. Everything surprised me, in reflection I probably assumed due to the global size of Vodafone that things might be quite distant here, you wouldn’t really see your managers and perhaps orders just came via emails constantly…I could not have been more wrong I am very happy to say. Every team, every department, every person is so close with one another, people from every background you could imagine working together and creating these amazing relationships every day. Mangers sit directly in with the teams and the ops managers are right there with you…everyday, you can approach them and they will genuinely slide their laptops, phones to one side to show you, for the duration of your conversation you are their sole focus point. Next, the atmosphere, it’s there are professionals flying about, laughing, joking and smiling all the while work is getting done to the highest standard, the only pressure here is self-pressure (which is a good thing!) it has such a relaxed atmosphere…I mean the building itself has a relaxation room…so…that says it all. Just how inclusive everything is, you can walk into a completely separate department and there are no odd looks, no cold shoulders you are welcomed in and will get any help you need, people really go above and beyond for each other here.

If someone asked you about coming to work for Vodafone what would you say to them?

I would say dive head first at the opportunity. You won’t ever look back; I would tell them of my Vodafone journey. In the grand scheme of things its relatively short, I began working here on the 3rd April 2017 as a customer service advisor, I then very quickly within a months was promoted to floorwalker, then to super-user and now a SME, I’ve been able to interview new candidates applying to become customer care advisors (and I always mention how not long ago, I was sat in the very same room). Since I last wrote this I am ecstatic to say I was successful and I am now a team manager, all achieved in 11 months because of the support around me. I also made it onto the Aspire management training programme which for this year is now coming to an end. The opportunities here are abundant, progression can happen so fast if you work hard, every day and show you are committed to being part of the plan to continue making Vodafone the truly brilliant company it is to work for. 

Do you think during your time with Vodafone that you’ve been encouraged to develop by your managers and leaders?

I’m very happy to be asked this question, I’ve worked for some very large companies and some very small ones too…never, I have ever experienced encouragement and belief, like I have witnessed first-hand here at Vodafone. Goals, ambition is not pushed down, but encouraged! You are pushed to grow, if you even hint at the idea that you would like to progress, then your managers and leaders will be there to discuss all the options available to you, and how they can assist you to achieve your desired goals. This became evident to me during my first two months. I applied myself to the best of my abilities and some applications for floorwalker were sent out, although quite soon, I believed I was ready and spoke to my manager…hours after that conversation even my operations manager was offering me advice on how to apply! The nicest thing about the whole process though, was when I got the promotion, I didn’t have to approach anybody, managers knew and were coming over to shake my hand and congratulate me, they genuinely were as happy as I was that I got the position. They believe in you, and they support you. I wish I could name them all, I can’t praise my managers and operations managers and their manager enough! They are on hand every day to help…anybody! Everything here is my genuine experience and it’s just one…of many peoples experiences here at Vodafone, those who work alongside me know, I wouldn’t say it…if it was true. 

Do you think Vodafone have their customer’s at the heart of everything they do?

Perfect question for me coming from the customer care department, my answer…absolutely. From the assessment day, through training and onto the floor as an advisor and upwards to management this is the fundamental reason for all our work…The customer and the customer experience. Every statistic created and monitored, every workshop and training session, coaching session and 1-2-1 is dedicated to improved that customer experience to get it as good as it can be…then improve it! We strive on a daily basis to create new ways to delight our customers and show them why they have made the best choice by choosing Vodafone. The question itself asks ‘at the heart of everything they do’…one of the statistics we monitor is named heartbeat for this reason. We care, and we are deeply passionate about our customers, we operate pro-actively constantly thinking of new ways to improve every aspect of our service. Customers are not just numbers on a sheet to Vodafone, I’ve seen first-hand floorwalkers, SME’s, managers and operations managers speak to our customers to help them. Every step we take as a company, is taken as though we are walking in our own customers shoes!

How is the working environment at Vodafone?

So relaxed, doesn’t matter what department, team or position you are in. We work hard and are constantly rewarded for that work. Nights out that are paid for have happened twice over the last few months alone! Constant monthly incentives, an excellent bonus and a personal favourite, a wide selection of cakes and snacks…daily!! There is a gym on site that is 24hours, a relaxation rooms, glass pods, sofas, cushioned pods, cafes and canteens, a decking area outside and onsite free parking. During the working day, every day, there are what we in customer care call ‘buzz’s’ and team times. Where the advisors are taken off the phones, and we ‘buzz’ them up, with loud celebrations for success stories, some fun and games to get ready for the day ahead. We also hold ‘loud and proud’ events where shout outs are delivered to the entire floor and everyone chooses their favourite floorwalker right up to favourite manager, it’s always a huge success, even with the operations managers singing happy birthday to whichever advisors happens to fall on that day. Personally every day I walk in and I’m greeted…by name by the security guard (that’s some impressive memory he has). I walk through the security barriers and I’m greeted by the buzz on the floor, people smiling, fist bumps and high fives flying everywhere and you cannot help but get motivated and fired up for the day ahead, a day essentially spent with friends. 

Where do you see your career path going in the next 2-5 years?

Excellent question, well for me…still at Vodafone without hesitation! Hopefully well and truly making big changes as a customer care team manager and looking to progress onto the next big challenge. Wherever I find myself in the next 2-5 years the core fundamental reason for me staying at Vodafone won’t have changed…just, expanded, and that is, to help as many people as possible, to help every advisor so in turn they can help every customer. To keep finding new and larger ways to achieve this. 

Why Vodafone and not somewhere else?

Just to reiterate everything I’ve wrote here, is truly what I have experienced whilst being here at Vodafone, now off the back of that…I believe I would not find all this working anywhere else. I’ve worked for the big companies, certainly some have one or two of these things I’ve mentioned above, but none I’ve ever worked for have them all, and certainly not at the level Vodafone has achieved. This is my career, this is the place I’m going to continue working and its simply because, they have gotten so many things right, and now I want to pass this onto my team so that they in turn can pass it on when they progress. 

What do you love most about your job?

I’m going to have to cheat yet again here I’m afraid, as it’s not just one thing. Every day, is a new day here. No two days are the same, the customers you talk to are different, the work, the tasks and challenges, are different every day and it makes coming to work, always a pleasure because you never know what’s going to happen. The belief and support from all areas of management on a daily basis. The communication which is vital in running a company successfully is on point here at Vodafone. Meeting new people and sharing moments of success with all these different and unique individuals. The passion, its infectious, everybody is so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do here that very quickly you find yourself also being a part of that atmosphere and it’s a great thing. Also of course, working with my friends! 

So why are you happy at Vodafone?

I personally don’t take anything for granted, and every day at Vodafone is a new opportunity to achieve something amazing, to have a positive impact on a customer’s life. To shake hands with people from all over the world, to laugh on a daily basis, to be supported and encouraged and to work and represent a global brand…is nothing short of amazing. I can say, that I am indeed, very happy here at Vodafone. You are given the training, and the tools to enable you to become the very best at what you do. I would recommend it to anybody. If you are ambitious, and are looking for challenges that could take you anywhere, then…apply. It’s done amazing things for me both personally and professionally coming to work at Vodafone and as a result I could quite easily talk all day about all of its many wonders…but this is something you need to see for yourself. 

Thank you. 

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