Meet Jason: The truth behind recruiting for Big Data Analytics

"As organisations seek to become more data-driven, the competition for data professionals is higher than ever before"

by Jason Porter

Opportunities and Culture

After 4 years in agency recruitment specialising in Data Analytics, I decided to make the transition into an In-house/RPO environment. I started off recruiting finance roles in corporate functions for Vodafone, but due to my technical recruitment background, it quickly became apparent where I could add the most value and was given the opportunity to lead the recruitment for Vodafone’s global Big Data implementation. The task at hand was to recruit Vodafone’s Big Data Analytics teams spanning 15 different countries.

At first, it was a real culture shock for me, coming from a small agency where it was siloed, to working in a complex organisation where I partner with stakeholders in three different continents. It took some time for me to adapt to working in an agile way, but everyone was very supportive and always provided the resources I needed in order to succeed.

Driven by vision

I knew I had a big challenge ahead of me. As organisations seek to become more data-driven, the competition for data professionals is higher than ever before. The available talent is more consumers like than ever, so it’s important to deliver a powerful message to the market so that we stand out from our competitors.

Being able to talk to prospective candidates about our vision for Big Data Analytics, the significant investment in people, the cutting edge-technologies we use and the terabytes of data on customer behaviour we have available, gave me the platform to attract some of the highest calibre Data Scientist’s in the industry.

Exposure and a 360° view

Working closely with some of the most reputable professionals in the Data Science field, opened up my mind and I discovered the commercial value that Big Data Analytics can have on a global business, how data science can be used to give us a 360 degrees’ view of our customers and the significance it can have on allowing Vodafone to make impactful decisions.


Since working at Vodafone, I really feel my career has taken off and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to play a key role in something so pioneering and contribute to our truly exciting future. Ready?

Life at Vodafone

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