Meet Hussain - Trainee Solicitor

My name is Hussain Abdul-Ameer and I’m currently a Trainee Solicitor. I started life at Vodafone a year and a half ago as a Contract Negotiator within the Enterprise Legal Team, focussing on drafting and negotiating contracts. Having come from a private practice background, I was a little nervous about taking the step to working in-house. However, I always knew it was something I wanted to do and I must say I have loved every minute at Vodafone.

From the first day I felt that my input was valued and that I was really contributing to not just the legal team, but to the wider business. At Vodafone you are given a lot of responsibility early on which is challenging and rewarding at the same time. I always feel that the advice I provide is really valued by my colleagues and other stakeholders and that I am an integral part of the team. This is different from private practice, where it is just more my legal advice that was sought after and you’re not able to build that ongoing relationship with clients. 

I am surrounded by many talented people and being a part of an award winning Legal Team means that I have been able to learn, develop and become a better lawyer along the way. The management team always encourage you to ask questions and to involve you in many projects. This is great, as I have been able to interact with many stakeholders across the business and learn more than just the legal implications. They always encourage me think about the wider business and to not be afraid of shouting out with any ideas I may have.

Vodafone is very meritocratic. If you’re prepared to work hard and really push yourself, you will be rewarded. After a year or so within the Enterprise Legal Team, I had the opportunity to apply for the Training Contract. The whole application process was focussed on the input you make to the business, to how hard you have worked and how far you’re willing to push yourself to achieve excellent results. This was the message my line manager gave me from day one and when it came to applying, I felt that I was ready to take that next step and progress within Vodafone. It is a very rewarding experience, especially when your line manager and the rest of the team want you to do well and support you to achieve your ambitions. 

The work-life balance is very good and I always feel that I am able to spend time with family and friends outside of work.

Life as a Trainee Solicitor has been great and I am very excited about my, hopefully very long, career with Vodafone! 

If you like working hard, being out of your comfort zone, working with some of the most talented people and always learning, then Vodafone is definitely the best place for you. 

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