Meet Emine: From not knowing what she wanted to do, to becoming a Strategy and Innovation Engineer

'Vodafone is also committed to Personal and Professional Development, and encourages people to utilise and develop their existing skills'

by Emine Hassan

Having recently graduated, I wasn't entirely sure where I wanted to start my career journey (as I'm sure many can relate!). I applied to the Vodafone scheme based on the rotational structure, with the hopes of being exposed to a number of different roles. Having now started the scheme, not only am I exposed to my every-day role, but also over 100 others through the extensive Graduate community. And it's not just Graduates who are happy to share their experiences of projects they’re involved in, so is just about everyone you work alongside. 


My first rotation has allowed me to use my background in Business Management and Marketing, as a Project Manager within Complex Customer Solutions Delivery. This role involves working on delivering bespoke products to Vodafone’s enterprise customers. In my second rotation I will be exploring Vodafone from the eyes of a Strategy and Innovation Engineer as part of the System Architecture team. This is just one example of the diverse range of roles in the scheme. 


In addition to my Project Management responsibilities, I have had the chance to get involved with various other Vodafone events. I have particularly enjoyed the Teach First Insight Days and as well as the Women in Technology events. I have also been given the opportunity to represent Vodafone at University Career Fairs and helped out with Assessment Centres.  


Vodafone is also committed to Personal and Professional Development, and encourages people to utilise and develop their existing skills, whilst working towards acquiring new ones. Since being here I have been offered training towards specialised certifications, Development Workshops, Vodafone University courses, and help from many Vodafone communities, such as, the Digital Ninjas. 

Since joining Vodafone, there are two things that have particularly resonated with me. 

There are 5 days of charity allowance for each employee. I will be using my charity days to serve causes I care about. So far, I have committed two of my days to a 10-hour hike of Mount Snowdon in aid of fundraising for charity. Vodafone also match all employee fundraising activities, which is a great incentive to give back.  

Vodafone commits to Diversity and Inclusion. There are active initiatives in place to encourage the inclusivity of Women in Technology and in Enterprise, as well as LGBT+ communities. Vodafone also encourages diversity of skills and opinions in the workplace and is open to Graduates of all backgrounds. 

Being that I'm only at the beginning of my Vodafone journey, I can only say that it has been a great start and an incredible learning journey so far. I am excited for what's ahead!  

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