Meet Robert - BSS Delivery Domain Senior Manager

My Vodafone journey started in 2004, after I’d completed a BTEC in Computer Studies at college. As a child, I'd always wanted to work in an IT environment. It just so happened that my friend worked at a Vodafone call centre in Birmingham, so he recommended I join the team. I was nervous to begin with as I was one of those people who hated using a phone and avoided it whenever I could, so a call centre role was certainly a challenge!

Understandably, I was terrified of my first calls but Vodafone were incredibly supportive and the training process helped me learn everything I needed to know about the company and technical side of the network. Before I knew it, my confidence had grown and I was much more comfortable answering the phone on a daily basis, something I never thought I’d be able to do.

During my time at the Birmingham call centre, I ended up working on the systems helpdesk for one day a week and after a while, I was able to move away from the call centre which started my transition into the IT department. It allowed me to train my IT skills whilst still working in a role I was used to, which was a very comfortable position to be in.

When the Birmingham call centre closed down, I moved my life down to Newbury so I could start working on the IT service desk there, as a technician. This was a big moment for me because IT had been the goal from the very beginning, so I was excited to be working in this department full time. I settled into this role and stayed there for two years, before deciding to look into other areas within IT to further my career.

I applied internally for an Incident Specialist role and was offered the job soon after. This required me to make high profile decisions and communicate with Senior Management on a regular basis. It was a challenging role but I loved it, and spent three years there before being promoted to Team Leader. I received a few more promotions after that, and since April this year, I’ve been a Business Support Systems (BSS) Delivery Domain Senior Manager. In this role, I provide application development services within Vodafone and Group fixed line business. No day is ever the same, as I’m involved with many responsibilities such as project management, business analysis and leading a dedicated team.

To be successful at Vodafone you have to be a very driven person, have a desire to achieve and be comfortable with change. Vodafone has enabled me to take a small seed of a career and make it flourish and grow to where I am today. It’s amazing to see just how far I’ve come since I walked into a call centre for my first day 15 years ago, and I’m looking forward to seeing where my career will take me next!

Life at Vodafone

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