Meet Natalia - Legal Counsel, Products & Services

My name is Natalia Castro, and I’m currently part of the Products & Services Legal team based in London.
I have worked in Vodafone for more than 5 years now and I must say every day in Vodafone is more exciting than the day before; I’m constantly learning and surrounded by the most talented people.

I studied a double degree in Law and Business Management in Madrid and when I finished I decided to follow my dream of living abroad. I was lucky enough to be granted an internship at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg for a period of 5 months. Naive as I was, I thought I would be abroad only for 5 months and then return to Spain to find a long-term job. Thanks to my efforts and to Vodafone my dream of living abroad didn’t end there.

I started my career at Vodafone as an intern in the Roaming Legal team in Luxembourg and then permanently joined the team 6 months later. I must admit that, back then, my English wasn’t very polished (especially my Spanish accent) and my knowledge in Law was limited to the Spanish jurisdiction. However, my line manager at the time believed in my potential and gave me a great opportunity that changed my life for good.

Being part of the roaming entity in Vodafone was an invaluable experience for me. One of the best things was, without any doubt, the people. More than 40 different nationalities in an office of 60 people! It was (and still is) like a big international family full of talented people.

A great experience that happened during my time in Luxembourg was when I was offered the opportunity to participate in the Vodafone international assignment programme. I joined the Vodafone Malta Legal team for a month and it was an amazing experience! I got to know a different area of the business, less wholesale and more consumer focused, and I expanded my network. This experience made me realised I was ready for a new challenge in my career!

After 3 years in roaming I felt a desire to explore other areas of the business and gain more international experience by living in a different country. Thanks to being part of an international company obsessed with developing talent, before I knew it I was packing up my apartment in Luxembourg and moving to the big city of London.

After 2 years in my current role I can only say that I love it!  I’m currently working on innovative projects related to M-Pesa, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and many more, with a passionate and diverse team across the Vodafone footprint.  Innovation and customer obsession is my day to day in Vodafone.

If you like to push yourself out of your comfort zone, being part of an international community and working in an innovation-focused company, Vodafone is the place for you.

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