Meet Alex - HR Discover Graduate

As a student at University, the thought of applying for jobs which will shape your future is more than a little daunting! Spending your life in education makes it difficult for you to know exactly what it is that you want to do – and I think that is a feeling that all graduates share. How did I choose my stream? Well, I applied for the HR Discover Graduate Programme because I studied Business Management at University and I always had an interest in my more people focused modules. I would say that is where my interest in HR sparked from.

When I was looking for graduate schemes the rotational element around various areas of HR appealed to me the most. The opportunity for me to gain experience in different roles within my chosen field of interest would allow me ‘try before I buy’ so to speak!

My experience at Vodafone so far has meant I have got the support I need to really aid me in deciding what I want to do in future. The fact that there is always someone to answer your questions or be willing to share their career story with you, is really beneficial when first starting out in the working world.

The opportunities that I have got have been fantastic. When Vodafone say that you get responsibility from day one, they really aren’t exaggerating! I have had the opportunity to be involved in multiple projects such as the intern programme, social channels, youth events, attraction and even this very careers website! I have even had the chance to go to Budapest to meet our Shared Services Team.

For me, it never was and never will be just about the job. It is about the working environment, graduate community, learning and development opportunities, and the culture of the company I am working in. Vodafone hasn’t let me down on any of these aspects and have excelled all of my expectations.

I am certain that the decision I made to apply for the HR Discover Graduate Scheme was the right one; I am really looking forward to the rest of my journey on the graduate scheme and with Vodafone.

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