Hear from Caroline - Senior Major Programmes Manager

After graduating with a degree in Classical Studies I was left with no idea of what career I should be perusing. At the time, committing to a three year graduate scheme in something I’d never tried before seemed too daunting so I spent some time temping in various customer facing roles before coming across the Vodafone Graduate scheme. I’d never thought about working for a technology company –but the scheme at the time really stood out as not only was it only 12 months but it offered the opportunity to move around the business and try different roles. This was perfect and I was fortunate enough to obtain one on the 50 places.

Having started on the grad scheme in 2010 I moved around the business and gained invaluable experiences working in external PR as well as IT. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the roles in IT due to the amount of variety it gave me in my day to day work plus it positioned me well working in large multi-functional project teams where I could learn about the others roles and departments out there. 

Initially I started as a business analyst but I quickly moved into a role in Process Design before being promoted into a Business Process Improvement role in what was the newly formed Customer Experience Management team.

My passion for improving the customer experience and delivering tangible benefits to our customers and the company was sparked and working as the Journey Owner for Billing and Payments I had amazing opportunities to work on high profile, business critical projects. After 4 years in CEM I made the difficult decision to go back to IT to challenge myself further by leading a team of Solution Delivery managers. The role involved ensuring the successful delivery to time, cost and quality of all our Consumer propositions requiring updates to multiple systems. It was the most challenging role I’ve had to date and I’m so glad I decided to take the difficult option rather than the easy one.

Not only have I realised that working in IT drives a real sense of achievement when successfully delivering a new product or service but it also opened up even more opportunities resulting in my being promoted into a Senior Major Programmes Management role. It’s another big step and another scary role but if there’s one thing I learnt at Vodafone, it’s that taking the easy option isn’t always the best and stepping up to take on more challenging and apparently scary roles leads to the most amount of development, self-improvement and satisfaction.  Don’t get me wrong, its hard and its tough but the rewards are amazing. In over 7 years at Vodafone, I’ve never had the chance to get bored, plateau or stop learning.

The next challenge or opportunity is always out there at Vodafone.

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