Meet Dessi, A Technical Sales Apprentice here at Vodafone

Vodafone is much more than a telecommunications company, it’s a family that provides services worldwide across 172 countries. 

by Dessislava Bratinova

Hello, my name is Dessi and I’m a Technical Sales Apprentice.

Background- After finishing A levels, I was unsure of whether to pursue a degree by taking out a loan and study or do an apprenticeship where I can earn while I learn. Vodafone offers extensive apprenticeship opportunities and sales seemed the best fit for me. The entry process consisted of an online interview and an assessment center in Vodafone HQ, with a team activity and individual presentation. From day one everyone was really helpful and encouraging.

My time at Vodafone- During my three months so far at Vodafone I have seen how people can be collaborative and supportive in such a large company. I have also learned how to be independent and get used to the corporate workplace, how to build up soft skills and networking. Best of all I have learned to be adaptive and flexible.

Alongside the Vodafone sales teams, as part of the YFYA (Your Future, Your Ambition) event in October I was given the opportunity to help inspire young individuals on future jobs and careers they want to pursue.

Culture of Vodafone- Vodafone is a company that treats all its employees equally. There is an active LGBT + friend’s community in our online platforms. Additionally, there are educational programs that take place regularly. Vodafone workplace is flexible and people can work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. For the sales teams this is very important as we can travel to the customers and be more flexible with our working.

Exciting projects I’ve been involved with- I was given the opportunity to attended the press release event for IoT (Internet of Things) and it was astounding. The UK’s first 5G holographic call was held there. Alongside was a showcase of new technologies, such as smart home, smart mirrors and other SIM connected solutions.

I was invited to work alongside the Marsh &McLennan (MMC) team. It has been exciting since MMC is one of the world’s biggest brokers for insurance companies. I also visited their site opposite the Tower of London where we had the opportunity to discuss current services and present new opportunities like IoT.

Outside the job role- Outside of work I continue to play tennis and work towards my CCNA accreditation. I also have a massive passion towards traveling and love to incorporate volunteering alongside.

Vodafone is much more than a telecommunications company, it’s a family that provides services worldwide across 172 countries. As well as mobile solutions Vodafone offers network designs and IT infrastructure support, maintenance and development. 

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