My Journey so far… Lindsay

I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved in my time here and just as proud to work for Vodafone, long may my journey continue!

My journey at Vodafone began in July 2014 following a redundancy in the May. I had been offered 4 roles at the time, however I chose Vodafone as I felt it would be a good, strong company to work for, and a change in industry would be a breath of fresh air. Having worked a large portion of my career in debt management and finance, (leading onto management within the same), I felt as though a change was needed. I no longer felt ‘safe’ in the industry I was in and did not see longevity in that particular career/role.

Starting on my first day as an adviser it was ‘back to basics’ for me, I had no experience in telecoms and was starting from scratch. I was not on my own in this as there were 3 other new starters alongside me and we helped each other during our training. I honestly thought I would not be able to get my head round fixed line and all the complexities/processes that go with it! However with time, support and great leadership I was up to speed and more confident in no time.

After approximately 12 months within the business I started to take on additional tasks to my role, these were things that varied from tasks set to me by my Team Lead, to arranging charity fundraising events across my department, then leading on to the Atlas Manchester site as a whole! This was fantastic for me as it allowed me to meet new people and build a network of valuable contacts, and people I could learn form, all whilst raising money for good causes! Something which Vodafone fully supports and helps with.

An opportunity then arose for me to stand in for a team lead, taking on responsibilities such as Team Times, 121’s and leadership meets etc. I found my feet fairly quickly in this position and this served as a reminder to me that Leadership was the path I wanted to go down and the career I would like to persue. The ‘stand in’ role was not a secondment, more an opportunity for me to prove I was capable of such a role.

Three months down the line a job was posted for ‘Senior Team Leader’ on the department in which I worked (Fixed Line), managing a 24/7 team, working shifts of ‘4 on, 4 off’ (2x days and 2x nights). I decided to go for the job, as I felt given my previous experience prior to Vodafone, in addition to my learnings in the 18 months I’d been here, I felt confident that I would fit the role well.

I am extremely happy to say that I was successful in landing the role and I have now been a Senior Team Leader for 12 months. I have learnt an awful lot in this time, both from my peers and from a number of management courses that Vodafone have sent me on, to help me develop and grow. Vodafone are a fantastic advocate for a company that invests in its people, the well-known phrase ‘We’re at our best, when you’re at yours’ really does ring true with me and many others that have progressed within the company.

I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved in my time here and just as proud to work for Vodafone, long may my journey continue!

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