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I am happy at Vodafone because I can be the person I truly am and share my experience with my team to support their careers. by Brandon My journey so far:I worked in customer service in previous jobs with previous companies but had never worked in sales and I was really interesting in doing so, I wanted to work for a reputable brand after working for M&S and chose Vodafone. I remember to this day in my interview being told by my line manager that you can take your career as quickly as you want to providing you put in the hard work. My line manager at the time told me that she had worked her way from a part time adviser after university to a Store Manager in 8 years – I loved the idea of the career prospects. And now, I have a great story to tell doing numerous different roles in the 8 years I have worked for the company. It’s an extremely rewarding company to work for and there is support in any direction you turn. Whilst it’s challenging at times, it’s hugely rewarding. If you are looking for a career it is the place to be. I have recommended numerous friends and family to work for Vodafone already and will continue to do so.I started off working 20 hours in Vodafone in a very competitive store. I felt this as soon as I went in there so I knew I had to get up to speed as quickly as possible. The great thing was the support my colleagues would offer me day to day if they could see I was struggling with anything they would always take the time to help and guide me.You are always encouraged to be looking at your future steps and how to get there – that of course is if you want to. It’s equally respected if individuals do not want to progress. You are always encouraged to work on your personal development areas and your line manager will always support with this. Vodafone can be a challenging place to work however you have a great support network around you; whether that is your peers or line manager they will support you through the challenging times. Whilst it’s challenging it’s also realistic. You won’t be expected to achieve miracles if there are blockers in your way; you will work with your line manager on how to overcome them as quickly and effectively as possible.Your working day will never be the same. Some days you will be serving customers all day. Some days you could be dealing with employee issues, some days you could be in reviews all day but one thing that is certain is it’s a very fast paced environment and that is what I love. Whatever skillset you have will be utilised. There are always projects that need working on whether you are analytical, creative or just like to get in front of a camera there is always something for you.As a Senior Store Manager I worked for a top 10 store for Vodafone. The heart of what I do is dealing with customers. I manage a team of 24 team members and we have a clear goal and that is to delight every customer that comes into our store. When something feels wrong it usually is wrong. I feel completely empowered to get this right for a customer. In the 8 years I have worked for Vodafone one thing that has been clear is the customer is at the forefront of every decision we make. My ideal next step would be moving into a Regional support manager role which really bridges that gap between senior store manager and Regional Manager. I am passionate about working for Vodafone as it’s a great business to work for. It’s rewarding, it’s taught me essential life skills and has developed me as a person, professionally and personally.Why Vodafone is great for me:Whether it be taking time for a family event, an important milestone in your life or just a day off your line manager will support you as much as possible in getting you the time off you need. I have always felt comfortable in being who I am. Making it to a senior level at the age of 24 was hard to begin with. I thought it would be hard to be taken seriously to begin with but I have excelled in my career and have been able to show my capabilities. Vodafone have a lot of ways in supporting their employees. I have recently joined the LGBT community which has helped people express the way they feel and be a part of a community and share past experiences.I see my job a lot different than others. Every person that walks into my store has specific wants and needs. My expectation is we meet every single one of them. You constantly have to think of new ways of keeping ahead of the change curve as time evolves. People expectations have raised a lot over the years and you have to adapt quickly to be innovative on delighting those customers when they come back to you in 24 months to renew with you again.My biggest passion is my team. I love being able to help people develop not only in their personal life but also their work life. Whether it’s helping someone to get to the next level in their career or supporting them on getting the time off they need to plan their wedding. That is what is important to me. I measure success by how engaged my team is with my plans.I never thought I would get as far as I did as quickly as I did. I knew when I started Vodafone was the company that I wanted to work for and I worked tirelessly to make sure I got to where I am now. I never thought when I started I would have worked for Vodafone head office and I never thought when I actually got there I would realise my passion lies with the frontline teams.You need to have loads of energy to work for Vodafone. You don’t need to be the finished article when it comes down to skillset but you need to have the will. Being passionate about what you do is important as you are dealing with customers every single day and everything you do could have a positive or negative effect on them.I am happy at Vodafone because I can be the person I truly am and share my experience with my team to support their careers. Vodafone has truly supported my development and I love the fact I can share this with others now.

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