Meet our Retail super star Jamie

I joined Vodafone in October 2008 after 5 years in Engineering, 5 years in a Builders Merchants and a stint of 6 months working for LUSH.  Quite an eclectic job history!

My first position was as an Assistant Manager role in the newly opened Plymouth store.  This is where my love for Retail began.  The comradery in the team and the mutual desire to deliver, was infectious.  It’s in Plymouth I somehow managed to get the Vodafone logo tattooed on my ankle!  Luckily, it shouldn’t be too hard to have it touched up in line with the rebranding!  After a year in Plymouth I moved to Newton Abbott as Manager, before relocating to East Anglia in a number of roles including the dramatically titled, iPhone Master, Deputy Manager & Manager

In 2014, I took an opportunity to combine my experiences in Engineering, the Building Industry and Vodafone and move into a role implementing the refitting and opening of our Retail Stores.  In August 2017, I took a secondment role in the Space Planning team before becoming Space Planning Manager in March this year.

What I love about Vodafone Retail is the desire to get the job done.  Whether you’re on the front line in one of our Retail Stores, or in HQ in a support role there’s the same, unwavering desire to deliver, that I experienced 9 years ago in Plymouth.

What I love about my current role is that I can use my experiences working in store and refitting our stores and make positive changes for our in store Colleagues and our Customers.  We can listen to their feedback and make changes accordingly.  I know I’ve got great support above & around me and I’m blessed to have a Team that share the desire to constantly evolve and improve the space in our Stores.

It’s a busy role and every day is guaranteed to serve up more than one curveball, but that’s what we love about it.

Being away from home through the week, on a Friday I head home to Suffolk and my weekends are dedicated to my Wife Katie & our 3 Daughters Keturah, Eliza & Amelia.  We’re usually off on some adventure in the woods or castle, watching Moana or doing any other activity 3 Girls under 6 can dream up…… sometimes, I even get to watch my beloved Norwich City!

Jamie has been nominated for a Retail Week Rising Star Award for his fantastic work driving forward change and improvement in the Retail Space Planning Team having only been in role less than a year.

Jamie is an outstanding individual who has transformed personally, developed the team and driven significant commercial benefits in a short period of time.

He is loyal to our business and passionate about our customers.  Driving change and improvement is fundamentally engrained into his being, he is an asset to our Business

– Sheryl Lucas (Line Manager)

Jamie is so passionate about Vodafone, he has our company logo tattooed on his leg!  He has a long term ambition to stay in Vodafone as long as possible and being new into role is determined to put the Space Planning Team under the spot light, creating revenue and delighting our customers.

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