Meet Dan Evans - Senior Manager within UK Tech Security Team

I’ve been working at Vodafone for 5 years, first coming to work for the business in September 2012. My current responsibilities include program management and governance, with me managing small teams in both areas. I sit on the Tech Security leadership team and have been doing this role for almost 3 years, and prior to that I was a Senior Project Manager within IT. My career has been built around Project Management, but since joining Vodafone I have moved into more responsibilities, and viewed as a decision maker by my peers.

My average day is quite varied, spending a lot of time with my team in 1-1 meetings, receiving key project updates and personal development topics. I also work on departmental budgeting and reporting, and meet with around 3 to 4 vendors a week. Most of these are existing partners, but also new business opportunities that I am able to own and encourage. An important part of my job is being responsible for motivating and driving the team to meet targets and objectives, which is incredibly rewarding!

The size and complexity of Vodafone makes us stand out amongst the crowd, so vendors view us as a reputable company. This comes with a big responsibility but it’s something that motivates and drives myself and my teams to be the best we possibly can. Working for Vodafone can be complex and requires a lot of initiative, but asking the right questions is the perfect way to develop personally and grow your own career.

Vodafone certainly trusts its employees and I feel genuinely empowered to do what I need to do every day. The opportunity to network widely with specialists and more senior members of staff is a great way to learn and seek support, there’s never been a moment where I’ve felt like I had to deal with something on my own. I think it’s an inspiring place to be, and the people in the Newbury HQ are evidence of that.

I think the facilities available at Newbury makes it a brilliant place to work, and it’s very different from other offices. It’s open plan with a modern feel, with a variety of work environments for everyone to use; such as the outside pods next to the pond. It serves employees’ needs well with coffee shops, food outlets, a gym and even a hairdressers. Things like that make life that bit easier, and gives me the opportunity to step away from your desk for a few minutes.

I’d recommend starting a career here to anyone who’s interested. It’s home to a variety of people, with different interests and specialisms, and the HQ is always full of life and energy. It’s definitely not a boring desk job, there’s much more to do here!