Picture working at a company where you’ve got the agility of a startup, teamed with the resources of a global corporate. A place where sophisticated technologies and like-minded colleagues combine, enabling you to turn invisible, unstructured data into something incredible. If this sounds like a reality you’d like to be a part of, then you need to work for our Big Data, Insights and Analytics team. 

Turn the amazing Big Data Revolution into a brilliant opportunity. Use predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analysis to reveal what’s possible.Every day 400 million global consumers generate location-centric data that can be used to develop useful and profitable insights. That’s a whole lot of valuable info you’ll have at your fingertips. Test out theories, gain insights into budding ideas and keep a close eye on creative projects. Use the insights you’ve gained to help grow Vodafone and shape our analytics future. You could be a part of something incredible....

Our key focus:

Churn prevention

It’s smart data that enables us to see what’s giving our customers the wow factor, but also realise when we’re not quite on the money. We want our customers to feel we’re constantly enhancing the quality of service we provide them. And Big Data analysis helps us to drive customer-obsessed, best-in-class experiences. 

Convergence enablement 

These days everyone loves a package deal. Buying mobile, fixed-line, broadband and TV together from one supplier is a growing customer trend. It makes everything effortless and our customer’s lives easier.That’s why we’ve invested in convergence enablement over the last few years. We want to be seen as a fully integrated communications company.We now cover over 28 million households and thousands of businesses across Europe. Which means we’re taking on a task of epic proportions, and we need the best people to make it happen. 

Fraud management

There wouldn’t be Big Data without fraud management. All large businesses need to lay fraud management foundations, and we’re ahead of the game. How do we stay one step ahead? By analysing Big Data from our network in clever ways and protecting our revenue so we’re able to reinvest it for customers.

Insights & Analysis

How do you target customers at exactly the right time, in the right place, and with the right products? Big Data. It can tell you actionable nuggets of information that can help shape and target campaigns. We’re using Big Data to drive insights and understand customer behaviour better.

What’s in the pipeline?

From apps to chatbots, artificial intelligence to robots, Big Data is creating opportunities to explore, experiment and expand on what’s possible. Insights are ensuring we are going in the right direction. Be part of a team that’s doing precisely that.

Typical UK Roles...

Insights & Analytics Manager

You’ll be within our Commercial Strategy team, defining, leading and delivering analytical projects. You’ll drive analytical insights to support strategic decisions to ensure we talk to the right customer, at the right time, about the right product.Our key internal customers will require complex analysis of our products, usage, revenue data and transformational data to explain customer behaviors.  Your insights will truly drive our acquisition and customer value management.

Insights & Analytics Specialist

This role involves driving key analysis of our customer product, usage and revenue data. You’ll use this information to transform how we understand customer behaviour.You’ll strive to define and deliver those analytical projects. We’re looking for someone who will present their findings internally and essentially impact the future of how analytics shape Vodafone’s customer value management activities.

Data Scientist

This is a key role within our Big Data analytics team. You’ll identify analytics trends, new data sources and evaluate emerging technologies for data discovery usage. As our Data Scientist, you will analyse complex data sets and use your knowledge to put together key strategic insights for our business.

Our Application Process...


Search for a role that suits you and express your interest by applying online! All it involves is you simply submitting some basic details.


Before inviting successful applicants in, we like to have a friendly chat. If you are a suitable match we will arrange a phone call or video interview with you.


If successful in stage 2, we'd like to find out more about you. Stage 3 is a face-to-face interview, or you might be asked to attend an assessment centre. Now is the chance for you to ask us questions and find out if we're the right fit for you.


Success? It’s time to kickstart your exciting future at Vodafone. Welcome to the team.

Please note that all offers depend on passing our standard pre-screening employment checks.

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