MyChoices Benefits

At Vodafone, all of your benefits can be found on our online portal, MyChoices. We have a large variety of benefits available, from our cycle to work scheme to pension. These can vary also from salary sacrifice schemes, to online discounts or monthly payments.
There are five different types of benefits that we offer at Vodafone; lifestyle, wellbeing, retail discounts, pension & protection and shares.

Retail Discounts

There are hundreds of discounts available through our MyChoices site, or download the SmartSpending App to access them on your phone when you start. The discounts are available via cashback, online discounts, instant discounts or reloadable cards.
Choose from high street retailers, to discounted theme park tickets and holidays.

My Pension and Protection

Vodafone will double your contribution to your pension, with the maximum contribution at 5% (doubled to 10%). Our pension scheme is salary sacrifice, so will come out of your salary each month. You are also automatically covered for income protection (50% of salary). We also offer critical illness and partner critical illness as additional options as part of our flexible benefits package.

My Shares

Our shares scheme at Vodafone is called ShareSave, which gives you the opportunity to buy shares at a discounted price. You can join in June and December each year, and can save for 3 and/or 5 years. You can save from as little as £5 per month up to a maximum of £375 per month across all of your schemes and use your savings to buy discounted shares at the end of the plan. You can also withdraw money at any time you want, but you will lose the option to buy shares.

Our World-Leading Global Maternity Policy

Our global pioneering maternity policy offers all women at Vodafone a minimum of 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave, and when they return to work they can opt to work 30 hours per week on full pay. This support saves families billions worldwide and their babies gain 608 million additional days with their mothers. 

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